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Apple does away with YouTube app in the upcoming iOS 6

Apple is nipping on the heels of Google. In the latest developments in the Google-Apple lover affair, the latter dropped YouTube app from its iOS 6 beta bandwagon. Furthermore, a spokesperson confirmed that the final version will also be without the pre-installed YouTube application. “Our licensing to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended,” […]

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson: I am still a 17-year-old at heart

Iron Maiden lead vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, has stressed that he is still a 17-year-old even though he will be celebrating his 54th birthday on August 7 later this year. In a recent interview, the English musician was asked that whether the band needed to change its genre, he replied: “Mature our image? Why? Inside this […]

Atrreyu guitarist Travis Miguel reveals attachment with new band Fake Figures

Atreyu, an American metalcore band, is enjoying a break and the band’s members are exploring their options elsewhere. Travis Miguel, rhythm and lead guitars, is the latest to lend his abilities to a new band, Fake Figures. Fake Figures also features Iron maidens’ guitarist, Heather Baker, Nightfall’s drummer, J Po, Scars of Tomorrow’s bassist, Bob […]

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson opens new Aircraft business

Iron Maiden lead vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, has reportedly launched a new firm that aims to serve as a maintenance business for aircrafts named, Cardiff Aviation Ltd. The firm will be based at the Twin Peaks Hangar at St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan and is expected to create up to 1000 new jobs in the area. […]

Apple TV (2012 model): Do the host of new features mean a better option in the market? – Part 1

Apple, Inc. announced the latest model of their signature set-top box Apple TV. The new device will hit the shelves on March 16 with the new iPad 2012 model. With the release of the new Apple TV, the competitors will now face a new competition in the market and lying right next to Apple TV […]

Apple TV (2012 model): Do the host of new features mean a better option in the market? – Part 2

The same goes for the remote, which keeps only the essential buttons. Roku’s remote now includes direct-access buttons for Netflix, Pandora, and Crackle. The separate Channel Store is also a great way to offer a ton of content from partners without cluttering the main home screen. As far as the remote control is concerned, Apple […]

Iron Maiden’s vocalist Bruce Dickinson goes on Submarine voyage

Iron Maiden’s vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, has joined a British submarine crew for a three-day trip. All the crew on board was surprised and joyous on the arrival of the rock star. It was a bit surreal. It’s not every day you bump into an international rock star on a nuclear submarine. When I heard that […]

Iron Maiden announces release of En Vivo

Iron Maiden, an English heavy metal band, have announced that they would be releasing ‘En Vivo’, a DVD of their concert in April 2011 at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, on March 26. Disc one includes the entire Santiago concert footage from their Final Frontier world tour in high definition while the second disc holds an 88-minute […]

Bipasha Basu upset over her private party video leaked online

Bipasha Basu upset over her private party video leaked online The Indian actress and a former model, Bipasha Basu, is pretty upset with the news makers because recently her private birthday party video has been leaked online by someone. The desi beauty, Bipasha Basu, who has now turned 33, was enjoying the very private party […]


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