Usually, two brothers of same age have a buddy-buddy relation. However in case of India and Pakistan, who both were born with a one day difference, relationship has been anything but affable.

The animosity between two that had already flourished in the time when British were ruling the subcontitnent primarily because of religious differences burgeoned when both procured independence.

In 64 years, two full scale wars have been fought between both brothers and one more would have added to tally had daddy US not intervened when things got complicated over Kargil issue in 1999.

When it looked like things were beginning to get slightly souped up, terrorism struck India’s industrial city, Mumbai. According to India, this attack was brainchild of Pakistan’s intelligence ISI and was aimed at hurting India’s economy.

All of a sudden both countries were at each other’s throat yet again. Busy fighting his own problems, daddy US had to intervene again to cool down things between both nettled kids.

Since that episode, relations between both brothers got even more obnoxious. Because of Pakistan’s geographical position, it is in a way dependent on India for its water needs. India making a drastic move to show its anger, immediately barricaded the water
that was flowing in Pakistan’s direction.

Daddy had to jump in again to resolve the issue however this time, Younger son showed stubbornness and did not listen to dad immediately. Elder brother, Pakistan, keeping an eye on all these developments decided to make a move. It sent delegations to India
and the things eased down considerably.

Oh I almost forgot to highlight the main issue that has hindered good relations between both brothers since the very start.

It is none other than the cursed land of “Kashmir”

Both countries believe it is their part and the two major wars I mentioned above were fought to gain control of Kashmir. In 64 years, both have failed to figure out how to take control of the land which is just astonishing.

This complicated relationship will continue to be like this until Kashmir dispute is solved. Where is Daddy US? It has helped in improving relations between both countries but why has it not done anything about Kashmir issue?

Is it that Daddy actually wants both brothers to stay apart from each other? Both Pakistan and India should think about it.