With the launch of Windows 8, a host of third-party software are pouring on the internet to be adorned by the upcoming operating system. The Windows 8 has not been officially launched; only the beta version was released to technology gurus for their expert opinion.

Despite the fact that Win 8 is nowhere near a launch in the first quarter of 2012, independent developers are getting into the business to have a strong head start at the launch of the new Windows edition.

Windows 8, which is compatible with desktops and laptops in general and tablets in particular, is a major overhaul to its predecessor and the metro interface has been the major attraction of the upcoming release. However, the new OS will also incorporate the tradition Windows interface in the shape latest Aero edition of Windows 7.

The new application that became a huge attraction at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 was a third-party application launched by BlueStakes. This new software lets the Windows kernel to be flexible to Android operating system-based applications.

Now users can avail the complementary bank of Android-based applications available on both Google and Amazon’s app stores. However, since these applications are tablet specific, they will be only be compatible to machines that have touch screens.

The BlueStakes lets the Windows platform to act as Android operating system for these software and due to the best hardware support for Windows, they run even more smoothly.

At the CES 2012, the company showcased a number of applications on the beta version of Windows 8. In addition to running on Windows 8, the applications will offer the same keys that are used on the Android-powered machines. The demo of the software also showed the applications have full features on Win 8.

The application is currently available in Alpha version on select-few Windows 7 machines and in February the Beta version will be available to the public on the same version of the OS. Later in the second half of 2012, the software will be available on Windows 8-based tablets.