The applications can be downloaded from either App Store or Google Play, depending on its availability on the platform. The applications can be accessed through Facebook accounts making it easy and intuitive for the social network to log the applications used and recommended the likes to other users.

There are four tabs in the App Center on the top; Recommended, Trending, Top and Friends’. However, by default the centre recommends only those that the user’s friends are using currently. However, after getting into the thick of it, the Center also recommends apps that are akin to the ones that the user is already using.

Once you have chosen the application of interest, the App Center will follow-up with a link sent to iOS or Android for the download of mobile version, should you choose to accept it. On the web-based App Center, the user can play the game online with the hassle of downloading it. All the applications are web-based in desktop versions.

On mobiles, the application opens directly into the Friends’ section that is called Social Pick. Here the user can choose any interesting application that his/her friends are using. A tap on the screen will send the link to either Google Play or App Store, depending on availability of the operating system.

The App Center is of great interest to Facebook users who want to come closer to their friends a step further. However, both web- and mobile-based versions need to some more developments, especially the latter one.

The App Center is available as bookmark link at the bottom of notification bar, by default. However, if you do not get the application pre-mentioned, go to on the desktops and on mobile phones. Facebook says the Center will be available to all users in the coming days.