The new device has a lot of new features and upgrades than a mere design and the company has been marketing the TV services on a larger scale than other features. The new device brings in the latest version of television and remote control app. There is an Infra Red blaster built-in to make use of the apps with television sets. However, the new device moves a notch further and includes almost every compatible appliance that has an IR receiver.

The IR blaster in the Tablet S can now connect to a compatible television, Blu-Ray device and any audio system, provided there functionalities are configured in different profiles. The tablet can now turn on all the electronic appliances simultaneously, if they are in range.

The upgraded Watch Now app works as the TV guide to the user with an updated catalogue of the hottest TV shows and users’ favourite, as well. There are a number of different ways the user can see what is tubing on different channels. One of them is the intuitive way that the app will update the status of the show automatically from the network’s website and also from social media website, Twitter.

Another way is the apps ability to connect with the social media website like Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue. The user can share the experience of any show he/she just watched or can check the status of some other viewer on the same platform. The app will be available for download upon the release of the tablet.

The remote control app is pre-installed in the tablet. Like the previous version of the Tablet S, the new app leaves a little to be desired. The IR blaster needs to be pin pointed at the receiver. However, its increased compatibility with other appliances has managed to cover up a lot.

The new device comes with an optional Cover with Keyboard that does triple job of a stand, cover and keyboard. However, there is no track-pad with it.

The new Xperia Tablet S comes in three versions; 16GB ($399), 32GB ($499), and 64GB ($599). Despite all its goodies, Xperia is not a premium brand in the market and the prices are a little high for an Android device.