Apple is under yet another attack from its rivals and this time it is archenemy Google. In the midst of the scepticism on the company’s own Maps app, replacement for the Google product, the search giant has submitted Google Maps to Apple for approval.

To sell or distribute an app on App Store every developer, a company or individual, has to submit the software with Apple for approval on the standards set by the company. According to Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry, it takes from 8 to 16 days for an app to get Apple’s approval. It has been rumoured that Google has already submitted Google Maps and it might be available on App Store as soon as Thursday.

The new app comes up when Apple’s own Maps application is attracting criticism from users. Some have complaint about the misdirection and some say the 3D maps of some cities are absent.

Apple was confident in marketing the new iOS version with certain new features and Maps was one of them. The company is doing everything in power to improve the Maps app and eradicate all the glitches in the software.

On the other hand, Mountain View-based Google has started marketing its app as the ultimate user choice, picking on Apple Maps as ‘iLost’ in advertisements.

Apple released the new iOS 6 last Wednesday and so far 100 Million iOS devices have been upgraded to it. iPhone 5 went on sale last Friday and so far 5 Million handsets have been sold, the company told in a report.

Apple and Google are fighting tooth and nail in the mobile business with their operating systems, iOS and Android, respectively. Google has hardware partnerships with companies like Samsung, HTC, Huawei and LG. It also owns Motorola Mobility, a smartphone manufacturing company.