HTC launches HTC One X at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona – Part 2

Monday, February 27th, 2012 6:32:42 by

The final verdict on the quality of the camera will be issued when the feature is put through thorough scrutiny after shooting in both low and bright light.

Other multimedia features include Beats Audio. Though, One X is not the first HTC phone to incorporate the new audio enhancement but the difference in using Beats Audio and not using it is noticeable. Beats Audio is quickly becoming a signature feature, so it’s nice to see it taking a center role, however, the audio quality alone won’t sell phones.

With all the positives comes a negative, and a major on that. The most abnormal thing about the phone is that NVIDIA’s quad-core processor is not capable of receiving 4G LTE signals. Therefore, its lack of LTE capability costs the US market a quad-core processor, the very salient feature that is the major selling point in the device.

Instead, the US version will pack a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. It’s a pity that one of the world’s first quad-core smartphones won’t be quad-core in the U.S., but with LTE and a dual-core ticker, it should still be plenty fast.

HTC’s efforts in the One X venture show that this is by far the most technologically advanced in the family. The One X is a global win for quad-core, at a time when consumers are bound to associate more cores with speed, but a loss for claiming it as the first quad-core phone in the U.S. market. I should mention, though, that it isn’t necessarily true that a dual-core phone made by one chipmaker would be necessarily slower than a quad-core processor made by another. This is another instance where we’ll need to get our hands on both versions for some benchmarking.

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