Video games producers putting an end to second-hand market

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The video game producers are making efforts to eliminate the second hand video games market.

The second hand market, being the oldest profession in the world, involves consumer goods as diverse as clothing, cars and even real estate. Forums, social networking, markets, auction sites or word of mouth have become a common
deed to buy and sell video games.

The broker is also an important figure. Video game stores buy used games at low prices and rearrange them on the shelves at a higher price. It is estimated that the market for second hand video games is more than 50% of the profits
of the stores.

Users can save between 15 and 18 Euros in a product of 70, with a one year warranty. The store exceeds the buying of video games from individuals and increases their revenues of thousand Euros.

In the United States represents a turnover of between 2,000 and 3,000 million dollars, most of it takes the chain GameStop, despite the efforts of chains like Best Buy, Amazon and even Walmart.

The producers are set to take notable steps, they can impose policies and emergency measures to put obstacles and impediments to those who buy used games: the Online Pass, disable achievements and rewards for the second play and
levels or characters available.

All of them are common practices at companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capon, THQ or Sony and have generated great public outrage. The latest rumours suggest that Microsoft could do without disks in the new Xbox 720, for
storage in the cloud.

The sides in this war are well defined, Users and stores against producers and studios. The next front is the digital download platforms like Steam, Origin, Battlenet, PSN, Xbox Live and At these platforms, the producers
sell directly their titles to the third party with more advantageous conditions.

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