Is it impossible to migrate from iOS to other platforms? – Part 3

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However, due to its open-sourced nature, it is always tweaked enough and has a number of stutter and malware problems. On the other hand, MS keeps WP close to its chest and has closely knit pool of application developers with a proper approval system to upload the apps to its store. That way, WP is more secure than Android, which has become Windows of mobile computing.

On the other hand, Windows Phone is also known for inexpensive smartphones with lesser specifications and smoother run on the device because of the simplistic nature of the operating system. For example, it does not support dual- or quad-core processors or does not need GBs of RAM. It functions greatly on single core processors and 512 MB of memory. The Nokia Lumia 900, anecdotally is available for $99 with a 2-year contract with AT&T, which is not a bugger as the company has one of the widest 4G LTE network in the US.

4G is another addition to Windows Phone platform. Both HTC and Nokia released their 4G LTE smartphones on the same day in the US for the US market. Though both have almost similar specs, HTC Titan II is a $100 expensive than the Lumia 900, which is a steal if you’d ask me.

The switching process is another incentive to those who want to move to Windows platform. With GBs of music, photos and videos stored on iPhones, iPads, iPods and iCloud, it is hard to sync an Android device to the iTunes but the Windows surely has an easy way to transfer those files, though it may require some technical guidance from experts.

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