The new age of Tablets: Whose game is it?

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 5:38:26 by

The contemporary era that we are living in is the post-desktop regime that is and will be dominated by tablets and all-in-one desktop computers. In that regard, major technology players; Apple, Microsoft and Google are thriving to take the leading position. However, so far only Apple has been in the front position to lead the cattle to the meadows.

On the other hand, Google emerged on the horizon of post-desktop market right after the introduction of iPad. Though the company claims that their mobile operating system was in the development stage before Apple even hatched the idea of a tablet, the company is still struggling on its heels to compete with a much bigger and established foe, Apple.

Microsoft entered the arena a little late when the competition has already reached its apex, when there seems to have no room for a new player. But that is about to change and MS has the capability and pedigree of changing the nature of the game. The company plans to bestow the public, that spread through the stretches from western to eastern hemisphere, with a new operating system that is programmed to target tablet-oriented audience.

Although the new version of the operating system adorns the moniker WINDOWS in it, it is a far cry from the traditional windowed interface. It will undoubtedly support the Windows 7 as an auxiliary for the usage of certain applications that are not yet compatible with the new Metro interface.

The new Windows is anticipated to distort Appleā€™s market share and gouge some of it to its own benefit. But that is yet to be seen as Apple has shown itself as more than company to the uses, it is like a religion to them.


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