Samsung Galaxy S III (2012): A full hands-on review – Part 1

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Samsung Electronics’ new smartphone, Galaxy S III was unarguably the most anticipated device of the year yet. Since the media caught the wind of its alleged release on May 3, the device was surrounded by rumours. However, the rumour mill has come to a halt as the company showcased the phone in London.

The new handset brings a lot of new features to the table, of which many were predicted by tech gurus around the world. However, in comparison to the magnitude at which the device was hyped to amaze the world, it still left some to desire.

Though it has been launched, the phone is expected to hit the market in summers, which technically it is. In addition, the price is still to be announced.

Samsung has not made any drastic changes to the design of the phone but tweaks are there, tangible to human eye. The phone is a little thicker and a little heavier than its predecessor but brings a bigger touch screen with more pixels crammed into the real estate.

The following part will present a hands-on take on the device and its revealed specifications.


The new Galaxy S iteration from Samsung is slightly changed and upgraded design. The company trimmed off the bulge found at the bottom of S II and the rear casing is detachable. S III comes with a removable battery which is a welcome addition.

A bigger 4.8-inch Super-AMOLED screen has been nestled in the front instead of the 4.3-inch display in last year’s S II. The phone in result has now gained some mass over its predecessor, 0.6 ounces to be exact.  In addition, it also is a little fatter than its sibling from last year.

The body structure is still forged from plastic though it was expected be made out of micro-oxidized ceramic. However, the plastic is still of good quality and does offer a good grip in daily use.

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