Why Windows Phone is thriving in the presence of strong players like iOS and Android? – Part 1

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There have always been talks about the competition between Android and iOS, Android and Windows Phone, due to the success all these platforms are receiving. Though Windows Phone is in its nascent stages and enjoys only a small market share, globally but it is undoubtedly growing a fast speeds.

Microsoft re-designed its mobile operating system in 2010 and renamed it from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Although the former version was not discarded by the company but they are not actively promoting it. There are Windows Mobile-based devices in the market but due to most attraction gifted to WP, the platform is almost akin to an ignore child.

Since its official release in 2010, Windows Phone has been grabbing attention in the market though it was slow but it surely was steady. Now that big players like Nokia and HTC are taking more interest in the operating system, the growth rate is beefing up exponentially.

Currently, Windows Phone shows about a 2% market share, which is diminutive compared to what iOS and Android possess, but it is what Microsoft has achieved in just two years of operations and in the presence of big guns like Apple and Google, who have planted their feet well in the smartphone industry.

However, looking at WP’s growth rate in last 12 months the OS has performed well, if said at the least. German market showed growth double to 6% in the latest quarter, growth in Europe increased fivefold over the last year, and 7% market share in Norway where Windows Phone is now the 3rd platform does not look bad at all. All this is excluding Windows Mobile’s market share.

The one platform which is losing its market share is RIM’s. At the start of 2010, the company held a promising market share of 16%. The share dropped to 8.8% at heal of 2011 and is expected to continue slide to 5 percent at the end of this year.

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