Why Windows Phone is thriving in the presence of strong players like iOS and Android? – Part 2

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Therefore, it can be said that Windows Phone at the moment is competing with RIM’s Blackberry OS and QNX-based OS. However, the difference is in stark contrast. Both are two different elements working on different strategies. Blackberry is losing its oomph by the day and there is nothing the company is doing about it. It was suggested to RIM by numerous experts at the start of this year that embracing Android will be a careful and fruitful decision. However, the Canadian company is so delusional with its almost outdated software that nothing seems to bother them.

One of the major reasons for a switch from Blackberry to Android, iOS or WP for that matter is lack of apps. Apple boasts 600,000 apps on App Store, Google shows off with 500,000 on Google Play and MS is behind at 80,000, but it’s a start.

The physical keyboard and small screen, less interactive software, all of these aspects pile up to an unattractive platform for developers. The loss in sales is not helping the cause either. On the other hand, Microsoft has managed to lure developers to its operating system with APIs and other tools and is operating a closely knit network with them for development of more and more apps. Moreover, the attraction in the Windows Phone interface is another motivating factor.

The alleged release of Windows Phone 8 has sprung some discouraging rumours about the incompatibility of WP7’s applications with the upcoming OS.

The reality is that Microsoft has done a very good job of providing the tools and assistance needed to support developers and will continue through the WP8 transition. The move to a variation of WinRT for Windows Phone 8 means that developers will have the opportunity to create apps for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets.

The bottom line is that iOS and Android will continue to prosper in the near future but the rapid adoption of WP is going to give them a run for their money in the next couple of years.


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