Yahoo rolls out new browser for iOS, named Axis – Part 1

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 4:31:31 by

Yahoo, Inc. has been standing on Achilles’ Heel for the last couple of years. Their CEO Scott Thompson resigned recently making way for Ross Levinsohn to take the office for interim period until the company finds a new leader. In these troubled times, the Internet company needed a boost in its operations and profitability. Therefore in the light of these aforesaid events, the company has launched a new browser called Axis.

Axis will mainly focus on mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets with touch screen integration. The desktop version of the browser is actually a plug-in tool bar for the likes of Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

The company released the mobile version for iOS devices like iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, while the Android version is still in the making and will be launched soon, according to the company.

Though the iOS version has less potential for Yahoo to attain substantial profits as compared to the Android version, but due to the fact that the company is working in close relationship with Apple the iOS version was able to shore up first.

Batraski says the product has Apple’s blessing. He also said that Apple reps have told him they’re not throwing many resources into Apple’s own iOS browser, Safari. Axis takes the best that Safari has to offer — its core rendering engine, Webkit — and really does make it better.

Apple has integrated Safari into their operating system and no other browser can be made default except someone jail breaks iOS. So when you click a link in an email or Facebook or any other app on iPad or iPhone, the page will still open in Safari leaving very little for Axis to dwell on. But Batraski categorically said that if that does not change in the near future, Apple will have an anti-trust issue landing in its lap.

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