Kia Sorento EX (2012): Full Review – Part 1

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Kia Motors released a new sport utility vehicle (SUV), Kia Sorento EX, this month. Unlike other three-row SUVs, the new Sorento does not have a big foot print. Surprisingly, the new vehicle lies comfortably in the centre of large three-row vehicles and small cross-overs.

Many automakers are pressing on the idea of three-row small SUVs or cross-overs but they actually end up with a huge cabin that has a larger foot print, ultimately raising the price of the vehicles. However, Kia has managed to provide with three rows of seats, although the last row is optional, and keep the overall size of the car optimal for a cross-over.

The cabin tech is best for a trim-level vehicle that has a starting price well under $30,000. There are basic necessities provided in the automobile and other premium facilities are also available in options.

As it goes with Korean vehicles, the Kia Sorento comes in different versions. There are four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive options, in addition to front-wheel-drive. The engine power is segregated into two basic options, direct-fuel injection and port-injection in four cylinder and straight-six engines.

The EX is a direct-injection 2.4-litre four cylinder engine that churns out 191 ponies to the front wheels, 19 horses over the port-injection version of the same engine.

The direct engine seems to have done the trick in fuel economy on this vehicle. According to the Environment Protection Agency the EX gives an economical 22 miles per gallon average in the city and 32 miles per gallon on straight roads. Though this is not a very economic average for a non-luxury car, considering the price of the vehicle it is far above the average offered by other brands.

The 191 horses Sorento’s 2.4-litre engine unleashes is ample for a domestic vehicle that is not built for racing. However, at the same hand, it offers a firm grip on the road and broader wheel base gives a confident control in the corners.

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    I need 2012 model KIA Sorento Price in Pak RS

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