New iOS 6: Over 200 new features, more interactive Siri and Facebook integration – Part 2

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Starting the addition, first we will move to the all-new Maps app. Apple has certain done a great job in replacing the old Google Maps app with its own home-bred maps application. It brings some new additions to the iPhone, which cannot be said the same for the overall market. The turn-by-turn navigation feature in the new app—even coupled with Siri—is not a new feature at all. Androids have had it for some time now.

However, it is good to see the new feature make itself at home. The Nav and dual-factor graphic depiction of the maps is a great way for Apple to get the app off the ground. However, it is not to say that it is flawless. But it is a welcome addition.

Immediately after getting started with Maps app, users starting streaming comments that some of the cities mentioned in the catalogue for having a 3D map are missing and some locations are not located a appropriate places.

The 2D mode and its close 3D details are a great way to navigate, however. Siri makes the new app an eye-free module of a GPS. If mounted in the car, an iPhone 5 or 4S user can navigate a set route without even looking at phone screen. iPhone 4 and iPad 2 do not have Siri so the Nav will have to be watched promptly.

Android-based navigation systems have one extra feature that the new Maps app does not. In addition to a personal mode of transport and walking, these apps have local transport as an option. In addition to setting a route with appropriate bus stop(s) and /or subway(s) they also set the estimated time of approach (ETA). Local transport option is absent in iOS 6.

The elegant and attractive Siri makes it way to the iOS 6 with a bang. With iPhone 5 it now is operable on three devices. Even on iPhone 4S it comes with all the goodies of iPhone 5. It helps in navigation as mentioned before, makes calls, uploads a Facebook status, opens apps and answers trivial and ‘subjective’ questions.

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