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Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 1

The iPhone 5, released on September 21 is by far the most advanced and practically and physically upgraded iPhone from big arena at Cupertino, California. Apple has certainly done it again in bringing up the most advanced gadgetry equipped with some new and some upgraded elements both in software and hardware. The new iPhone 5 […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 2

Other smartphones beat it on features here and there: if you want a larger screen, go with a Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want better battery life, go with a Droid Razr Maxx. But Apple offers more battery life than most of the handsets out there with the crispest resolution in the market. The screen […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 3

The weight is the most prominent factor in the new phone, right off the bat. It might be the thinnest smartphone out there, as the company claimed for some time but for iPhone users it makes all the difference. However, the light weight is what everyone will remember for a really long time. This is […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 4

It’s odd at first going longer versus also adding width, and it means a shift away from the iPad’s more paperlike 4:3 display ratio. Pages of e-books could feel more stretched. In portrait mode, document text may not seem larger, but you’ll see more of it in a list. In landscape mode, text actually seems […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 5

Apple’s proud of its claims of how light the iPhone 5 is, and the new aluminum back is part of that. So is the move to a Nano-SIM card (making SIM swaps once again impossible and requiring a visit to your carrier’s store). So is the thinner screen and the smaller dock connector. You get […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 (2012): A Full Review – Part 6

The new iPhone 5’s display also has a layer removed from the screen, creating a display that acts as its own capacitive surface. I didn’t notice that difference using it; it feels as crisp and fast-responding as before. Apple promises 44 percent extra color saturation on this new display, much like the third-gen iPad’s improved […]

New iOS 6: Over 200 new features, more interactive Siri and Facebook integration – Part 1

Apple released the iOS 6 in July concurrently with the release of new MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. However, the mobile operating system did not have worth companion back then. Now that the new iPhone 5 has been unleashed by Apple, experts are incising the new OS as well. […]

New iOS 6: Over 200 new features, more interactive Siri and Facebook integration – Part 2

Starting the addition, first we will move to the all-new Maps app. Apple has certain done a great job in replacing the old Google Maps app with its own home-bred maps application. It brings some new additions to the iPhone, which cannot be said the same for the overall market. The turn-by-turn navigation feature in […]

New iOS 6: Over 200 new features, more interactive Siri and Facebook integration – Part 3

As demonstrated in presentation on its official launch and iPhone 5’s launch, it gets the users everything from latest movies playing in theatres, favourite shows on TV, latest sports scores to booking reservations in restaurants. Another new feature iOS 6 houses is the Passbook, Apple’s attempt against NFC-based (near-field communications) Google Wallet. The only difference […]

Apple shares hit another all-time high after exceeding iPhone 5 demand

Apple shares were up one percent at the midday trading on Monday to $698. Since the release of the verdict from nine-member jury in California on the patent infringement case against Samsung, AAPL has been in the upward motion. However, the credit in the recent streak of all-time highs in the last three trading days […]

AT&T says iPhone 5 pre-orders are overwhelming, exceed last year’s record orders

AT&T is the first carrier to partner with Apple on iPhones. Since 2007 it has sold millions, if not in billions, handsets to the US population. That is why it has the thickest edge in becoming the top seller of the iPhone 5. In a recent statement, the company said the initial demand of iPhone […]

Apple empties stocks with discounted iPhone 4S to make room for the new iPhone version 2012

Apple is clearing out its inventory of current iPhones ahead of the expected September launch of its next-generation handset. Retailers and wireless carriers are offering discounts on the iPhone 4S to empty their shelves to make room for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone, informally called the iPhone 5. Apple has not disclosed plans for its next iPhone, […]


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