Government opposing peace-march to South Waziristan

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has claimed that the government was opposing peace-march to South Waziristan, adding that people who do not want peace-march towards the war-torn area are against peace rally.

While addressing a press conference along with western delegates, the cricketer-turned-politician claimed nobody including Taliban opposed his party’s peace-march except the rulers.

He observed, “Those who were playing politics on this issue are unhappy with the planned peace march scheduled to be held on October 6. The government was also denying visas to British media persons, who wanted to cover the event.”

He was of the opinion that the government was reluctant to show the devastation being caused by unmanned American aircrafts inside the country which was why it denied visas to British journalists.

Billing this approach sheer hypocrisy, the former captain said there was no chance of peace without coming out of the US-led war on terror.

He said that three elders of Waziristan tribes had fully supported the peace-march, assuring them full security to the participants of rally.

He noted, “We feel no threat from any side but feel threatened by the forces which have been playing politics on this issue. The government should take steps to provide security to the media persons, who would be covering the every bit of the proposed peace march.”

The former cricketer continued that the government wasn’t against US drone strikes and is being informed ahead of the attacks.

Commenting on the anti-Islam movie, Khan said he knew well the West and that certain vested elements took undue advantage of the freedom of speech to defame Islam.

Ann Wright, the former US ambassador, said that the US drones were illegal and a criminal act. She added, “We have agitated against it in the US as well and now we will do so while going to Waziristan to see the destruction caused by the drone hits there”.

While condemning the blasphemous movie, she said all religions should be duly respected. There was deep concern in the US against the profane movie, saying there should be a trial of the blasphemer, she added.

It is to be mentioned here that Imran Khan is planning to lead a peace-march on October 6 and it will reach South Waziristan.

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