PTI’s Imran Khan opposes reserved seats for Women

Monday, December 17th, 2012 9:13:35 by

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has said that he was against reserved seats for women in assemblies, adding that legislators in assemblies were representatives of the people.


Addressing a seminar he observed, “How can some women be representative of women when they haven’t even contested elections? In some areas it is not possible for women to contest elections, but political parties should hold elections within their ranks and promote women into higher leadership positions.”


Khan said people would be given the power to control schools and police stations in their villages so that the system runs efficiently. He said this would be done through local government systems and by decentralizing power. “When we say we will make all ghost schools functional, we don’t intend to send the Army to indentify such schools. Locals will do so and they will run the schools,” he added.


He said his party would establish small courts in villages to provide a speedy resolution to cases and give justice to women. “It is in the remote areas where women normally suffer the most and don’t have any means to get justice. These small courts will provide women immediate remedy and give them justice,” he added.


Imran Khan said PTI would give women the right to their share in inheritance, and empower them through education. He said NGOs and many foreigners arrange education for women and people think it has an agenda behind it. PTI on the contrary, he said, would talk to locals and establish education institutions for women with their endorsement.


Khan said there had been no co-education in Mianwali, but when Namal College was established locals were taken into confidence and the co-ed institution was now running successfully.


He said PTI would empower women but not “in the Western sense”. “In the West, they have nullified the due respect and stature for the mother. Housewives are looked down upon there and there is no dignity and respect for mothers,” he added.


He said women entrepreneurs would be offered special loans, transport facilities for women would be improved and day care centres would be established for working women – under a PTI government.

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2 Comments for “PTI’s Imran Khan opposes reserved seats for Women”

  1. Adbawany

    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan addressing a seminar “Justice for Women,” at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore never said that he is against reserved seats for women in the parliament as misquoted in several newspapers.
    This is to clarify to the media; Imran Khan said that instead of women taking the reserved seats based on nomination lists a special election specifically for women alone should be held for the reserved seats so as to ensure genuine women representation. The intra-party election of PTI is proof of the fact that the reserved seats for women are also being contested for. Khan holds that legislators in the assembly are representative of the people and the women on reserved seats should be truly representative of their lot.

    Shafqat Mahmood
    Central Information Secretary
    Central Media Cell Lahore

  2. Shakeel N

    Imran Khan never said this. He did not oppose the women reserved seats. Though he opposed the existing mechanism of selecting women for those reserved seats. Currently the “selected” women in parliament are either relative of party leaders or favorite of them. This should be changed for genuine women representation in parliament. They should be elected through “separate women election”. For those who dont know the issue, please refer to the link:

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