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Mercedes-Benz SL550 Convertible (2013): Full Review – Part 7

The SL550 is a brilliant automobile. Sure, Comand Online is a train wreck, but it doesn’t ruin the vehicle that Mercedes’ chassis and engine engineers and designers have built around it. There’s just so much to like about being behind the wheel of a big, red Benz that I find myself over 3,000 words into […]

Audi releases A7 with a new astounding design and jaw dropping navigation system – Part 1

Audi’s new A7 is a sedan with a squeeze of some race style taste on the body work. The styling has been bested from last year’s model though it has been pushed to the edge criticism. The navigation system is the best one has ever seen in a car. The downfall is suspension system in […]

Audi releases A7 with a new astounding design and jaw dropping navigation system – Part 2

Instead of a V8 found in A8, the A7 has a V6 engine. Audi cleverly chopped of two cylinders for better fuel economy but did not give the huge car an impotent source of power. The 3-litre V6 is supported by a direct injection super charger that fires 310 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Ford’s new Focus Electric is a blaster, loaded with technology, best economy and value for money. As obvious from the name it is an electric vehicle that runs on an electric motor. There are no hybrid power trains but a 25 kilowatt battery pack that powers up a 143-horsepower electric motor. Drivability is good, above […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 2

However, the Nav works efficiently when the driver needs information on the nearest charging dock or the mileage. In fact, the telematics in the new Focus are quick resourceful in telling the commuter what he needs and what he has done in the name of economic driving. It actually awards marks on good driving. Design […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The electric motor in the front takes the power from a 25 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack at the back of the car and fires 143-horsepower to the front wheels. The result is a satisfying 184 pound-feet of torque. Stepping down on the pedal to hard does not affect the car’s performance. It is programmed […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 4

From economic view point it gives the driver quite a detailed information sheet and report on the daily commutes and driving styles. On paper it gives an economical 75 miles to full charge, according to Environment Protection Agency. In addition, its compared mileage to a gas engine is about 100 mpg equivalent in city and […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 5

There are other technology gismos in the car that are quite substantial for a deal under $40,000. The car takes up the latest audio and video system from the market and the latest iteration of the central computer system, MyFord, in addition to the Sync service. The connectivity is good for a car that big. […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 6

Part of that excellence is due to enhanced audio system that is provided by Sony. The 10-speaker set that also has a sub-woofer and a centre channel reproduces good quality sound, great treble and substantial bass. For a hatchback it is a great sound package, much less for an electric car. The best thing about […]

Ford Focus Electric (2012): Full Review – Part 7

First off, the Nav takes all the time in the world to start, around ten minutes to get the car’s current location. Though all the maps are saved locally in an SD card, the location on the map comes up sometimes when the car is half-way through the distance. This might be because of the […]

LIT brings new shape to motorbikes yet it cannot be called one – Part 1

The automobile industry is evolving at a fast pace. It is not ancient history that car makers introduced a new concept of connected cars. The basic idea was to connect the cars to the internet and integrate social networking and other online services to the cars. Now the automobiles are shirking to the utmost levels. […]

LIT brings new shape to motorbikes yet it cannot be called one – Part 2

The C1 is designed keeping in view the basic safety and aerodynamics in view. It has two wheels, one in the front and one in the back, just like a motorbike. The whole structure is covered, including the wheels, like a car. The outer-shell includes the cabin, fender, bonnet and a boot, for luggage. The […]


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