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200 Religious Scholars Declare Suicide Attacks Unlawful in Islam


On Sunday, a conference of religious scholars in Lahore termed jihadi groups, including the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS), Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Boko Haram, and their ideologies, flawed and built around ignorance. According to the ulemas, such groups are based on poor knowledge of Islam and benefit from the ignorance of the people they use […]

Horrific Attack in Peshawar School Leaves over 100 Dead So Far

Horrific Attack in Peshawar School Leaves over 100 Dead So Far

In what is possibly the worst terrorist attack in the country, militants entered a school in Peshawar and held students and teachers hostage after opening fire and killing over a 100 people (unconfirmed) so far. The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have reportedly taken responsibility for the attack, and according to their spokesperson, the militants who stormed […]

TTP Sacks Sheikh Maqbool and Appoints New Spokesperson


The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson, known by the pseudonym Shahidullah Shahid, has reportedly been sacked and replaced, according to TTP’s website. The man behind the pseudonym, Abu Omar Sheikh Maqbool has been removed from his position as the spokesperson, and the news has been made public because Sheikh Maqbool has allegedly been using the name […]

Islamabad Asks Kabul to Eliminate TTP Chief


Islamabad recently asked Kabul to handle the situation surrounding the Tehreek E Taliban chief, Mullah Fazlullah. According to ISPR DG, Fazlullah ran off to the Kunar or Nuristan region of Afghanistan and the Afghani government take an action regarding this problem. He further added that the operation that is taking place in Waziristan is going […]

Ground Operation Commences in Miranshah


It was recently reported from Rawalpindi that the Pakistani Army has decided to enter and search every single house that is located in Miranshah. Pakistan is currently in a state of war against the militant group, Tehreek E Taliban. It all started when the peace offer made by the Pakistani government was rejected by the […]

FIR Registered Against TTP for Airport Attacks

taliban attack karachi again

The First Information Report of the attack on the Karachi airport has been filed against Tehreek E Taliban on Wednesday. This FIR has been registered under the Anti-Terrorism Act. A strong leader of TTP, Shahidullah Shahid, has also been listed down in this report. The attack took place on June 8th 2014 as 10 terrorists […]

Pakistan Government to stop strikes against TTP after ceasefire announcement


The Pakistan government has officially announced that strikes against the militant outfit TTP will be stopped since the latter announced a month-long ceasefire in the interest of peace talks. Government officials had last week made it clear that the country will not tolerate militant operations and the TTP will have to offer an unconditional ceasefire […]

TTP claims responsibility for Rawalpindi bomb blast


Responsibility for the bomb blast which occurred in the RA Bazar area of Rawalpindi on Monday morning has been claimed by the TTP. The blast was a result of a Taliban suicide bomber, who was riding a bicycle and blew himself up upon apprehension. The RA Bazar market is near the Pakistan Army HQ in […]

Religious scholars urge Taliban, Gov’t to declare ceasefire

 Top religious scholars Monday launched an appeal to the armed Taliban militants and the government to declare ceasefire unless the proposed peace talks produce results.   The scholars, who belong to the country’s main Deobandi school of thought, warned that some elements are trying to sabotage the dialogue process between the Taliban and the government. […]

Imran Khan wants Pakistani Taliban open office

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has proposed the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan should open their office for the peace talks with the government.   Talking to reporters at Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) after visiting injured if the Church suicide bombings on Wednesday also advised the government to open for talks with the Taliban.   He was […]

Imran Khan calls for Taliban, forces ceasefire


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Monday warned that the Taliban attacks could derail peace talks. He also called for ceasefire between the Taliban and the security forces.   Talking to the media he said that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) bomb attack on senior army officers in Upper Dir on Sunday could be seen as a […]

Pakistani Taliban set free eight kidnapped gov’t employees

Pakistani Taliban on Saturday released eight government employees, who were kidnapped nearly one year ago, at a time when the militants and the government are set to hold peace talks, officials and Taliban leaders said.   The freed men had been working on a dam project in South Waziristan tribal region when they were kidnapped […]


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