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Cable TV operator plan to increase WiFi hotspots in the US

Cable television companies plan to expand their business in the WiFi networks all over the US. In a recent statement, the consortium is expected the increase the number of WiFi hotspots to 100,000 at the end of this year. Companies like Comcast, Bright House Networks, Cox Communications, Cablevision Systems and Time Warner Cable will jointly […]

Apple’s LTE-supportive iPhone 5 outlines new game plans among US-carriers

Apple’s new iPhone 5 will spring a cut throat competition in the US, where wireless carriers are going one another tooth and nail. The new handset fresh from Cupertino has 4G LTE wireless technology support and the likes of AT&T, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless are marketing their services to be superior. Although the main […]

Verizon increases this year dividends by 3 percent due to higher growth rate

Verizon Communications, the parent company of Verizon Wireless, said in a statement that it will pay $2.06 of dividend per share this year; that is 3 percent increase in the previously announced profit per share. The main reason for the increase in dividend, according experts is the increasing profitability in the wireless networks. Smartphone and […]

Verizon reschedules its smartphone plan to $90 a month

Apple dropped a bomb with FaceTime a couple of years back on cellular carriers. Then came the iMessage from the same company. Now, Skype has started to show-off with its mobile app. The likes of Verizon and AT&T are on the run for their money. Recently, Verizon rescheduled its monthly plan for air time and […]

Why do wireless networks not interoperate with each other? – Part 1

Different wireless carriers use different spectra to connect the users to their communications networks and the internet. However, due to cut-throat competition in the market, these carriers lock the network-issued devices to limit their functionalities only to their own networks. The lack of inter-operability on other carriers is becoming a growing concern of the users […]

Why do wireless networks not interoperate with each other? – Part 2

This poses a threat for regional operators in the US. Every band, be it 700 MHz or 1900 MHz, is now a stronghold of one or two operators, whereas the smaller fish have to fight on the leftovers. Experts around the world have beseeched the operator to allow interoperability for users to roam on other […]

Cable operators blame streaming platforms for declining subscribers

Digital platforms like Netflix or Hulu, which offers unlimited access to movies and TV shows over the Internet, are revolutionizing the television in the U.S. In 2011, cable companies cancelled out more than a million subscribers for their subscription to go to streaming -system that allows them to view web content while downloading. The figure can go to a staggering three […]

One reason for Sprint’s slow progress: Apple – Part 1

There have been a number of victims to the attractive yet intimidating technology (s) from the Cupertino-based Apple, Inc. over the last one decade. In a nutshell, only Microsoft has survived the head-to-head battle with Steve Jobs and company over the last couple of decades. However, this year’s victim is not a software company but […]

One reason for Sprint’s slow progress: Apple – Part 2

Over the years there have been a number of competitors who thought they could beat Apple to the punch but just because they thought that, the very opposite happened. Hewlett-Packard, one of the Silicon Valley giants plunged into the smartphone business in 2010 when they bought the already beleaguering handheld operating system developers, Palm. However, […]

Verizon, Time Warner Cable , Cablevision, Cary Sherman

Cary Sherman, head of the RIAA, the American Association of the recording industry, has announced that major U.S. cable operators like Cablevision, Verizon and Time Warner Cable will start monitoring user’s downloads through their broadband from July 12, on Wednesday in New York.  RIAA are taking the effective measures to cut off illegal downloading mainly of music and the movies. The […]

Every new iPhone and upgrade puts the carriers in dilemma – Part 1

By now, it’s well understood that the iPhone is a double-edged sword for the wireless carriers. On one side, Apple’s smartphone is a pricey device to carry, requiring an unusually high subsidy that carriers must pay to keep it affordable enough for the masses. On the other, it leads to more loyal customers who pay […]

Every new iPhone and upgrade puts the carriers in dilemma – Part 2

The demand for the iPhone is staggering. Verizon, for instance, said on Tuesday it activated 4.3 million iPhones, or more than half of the smartphones sold in the period. Most of those activations came from existing customers; Verizon added 1.2 million net new contract customers. All of that came at a cost. After taking out […]


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