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Users Can Download Pakwheels Urdu Android App from Play Store Soon


Pakwheels, one of the biggest online car trade portal in Pakistan has launched its Android App in Urdu. PakWheels found the need of car trade portal within local language as there are millions of potential users who could be brought online and are not much comfortable browsing the site in an English language. The Android […]

CNG Must be Banned on All Cars above 1000 CC

Pakistan is rich in natural resources and by far, natural gas has been one of the most beneficial for the people of the nation thus far. It is clean, environmentally friendly and extremely cheap, well for now. But if we continue using it like there is no tomorrow and thinking “Allah is naimat ko khatam […]

Audience share dive 67 percent after the fear Apple might scratch contract

Shares of audio enhancement chip makers, Audience, fell a whopping 67 percent late Thursday, a near-crash experience. The slide started after the company announced that its biggest purchaser Apple will not be buying the merchandise anymore. Audience develop and manufacture voice enhancement chips for electronic gadgets that boast voice calls. Their products discern the background […]

Cars of British Celebrities

Cars of British Celebrities Most of our celebrities have wealth. Some of them have good looks, or health. Many have all three, meaning beautiful people driving around in beautiful vehicles – a level of hyper-unattainability for Joe Public. Rich stars in their expensive cars draw adoration and resentment in equal measure. To celebrate (or decry […]

The worst car in the history of man

In 1957 Ford produced the paradigm of vehicle with more design bugs than uses. Its name was Edsel Ford . The Ford Edsel the doors do not close tightly, the trunk and hoods did not open, the batteries are discharged, the horns would be stuck, hubcaps fell off, the paint is cracked, the transmission broke, the brakes failed […]

California Air Resources Board mandates for increased production of emission-less vehicles – Part 1

The world is no doubt facing the worst global warming conditions in the history of this the planet and one major factor involved in this aggravation is the pollution. However, worst opprobrium in this regard is always directed at automotive industry. California-based California Air Resources Board (CARB) has mandated a new regulation for the automakers […]

California Air Resources Board mandates for increased production of emission-less vehicles – Part 2

The reality of the situation is that at least US-based customers do not want electric and hybrid cars, but instead they are looking for fuel efficiency combined with power. During 2011, almost 97.9 percent public purchased vehicles with internal combustion engines. However, they are certainly looking for fuel-efficient cars. The data collected since the start […]

Automotive companies encouraged to produce more environment friendly cars

California regulators voted to mandate major automakers substantially increase the numbers of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell-powered models in their fleets in the coming years, eventually accounting for 15.4 percent of all vehicles sold in the state by 2025. According to Automotive News, the new standard is part of a broader package of […]

Prices rise for Honda cars

With the country trapped in a situation of hyper inflation, car manufacturers have also raised the prices of their vehicles at the start of the current year. One of the largest car assemblers in Pakistan, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL), has raised the prices of the different models of cars by Rs. 20,000-30,000 for […]

The US government should learn from Chinese excise and taxation system – Part 1

The year 2011 was a mercurial one in the US stock exchanges; perhaps the country is still living through the aftermaths of the 2008 financial crisis and 2009 economic meltdown. However, since coming into power, the US president, Barack Obama has done little to the remedy of situation. According to a recent survey by a […]

The US government should learn from Chinese excise and taxation system – Part 2

Moreover, the excise duty on imported luxury items like vehicles, watches and even pens has been increased alongside taxes on big houses. The reason for such a remodelling is that the elite can still afford luxury despite the increased prices of such commodities. The proof of this was evident in a latest research that showed […]

Driver’s Review: Acura RDX SH-AWD – Part-2

The dashboard is waterlogged with technology even in the bottom-line offer. The following part will discuss the things present and missing in the $32,895 crossover. The Satellite Navigation system in RDX is impressive and very detailed. It is an upgraded improvement to its predecessors at Acura. However, some things still need to be revamped. The […]


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