Steve Jobs is not between us anymore, however his genius will keep him alive until the end of this world.

His company “Apple” is one of the strongest firms of the world. And with time, it is going to get only stronger.

Products like iPhone, iPads, Mac book changed the landscape of technology and that is the reason apple has consumers in millions and increasing with everyday.

Apple has beaten every other competitor in the sales race too, and will continue doing it for next few years.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, who thinks Apple is doing a "great job," boldly admitted the fact.She added that Apple will likely outpace HP and become the world’s leading PC manufacturer in 2012.

Whitman, in an interview with a French newspaper Le Figaro, predicted Apple’s sales of Macs and iPads would make it the leading PC vendor in 2012. 

"I think it’s possible if you integrate the shelves. Apple makes a great job. We need to improve our game and our products to take over the leadership position," Whitman said.

"[Yes], Apple could go past HP in 2012. We will try to become the champion in 2013. It takes time for the products on which I have come to influence the market."

Whitman also added that tablets were not yet comparable to PCs, as they were basically used to "consume media and emails," and thus far don’t run "productivity software" such as Microsoft Office and said

"This is an important area on which we want to go,"

Adding more to this, Whitman added that future HP tablet technology will be based on the Microsoft 8 OS, which will support devices powered by both x86 chips and RISC-based ARM processors.

It will be interesting to see when the new HP tablets hits the market. But the question is will that new tablet help HP in beating the sales of Apple?

I seriously doubt it.

Although tablet is innovative but the impact iPhones and iPads have already made, it will take a lifelong for other technologies to make the equal amount of impact and I won’t be surprised if Apple continues to be the biggest sellers for another decade or