The 2012 edition of Consumer Electronic Show was a stage for Sony to make a comeback to the cell phone industry. The company has seen a slump in sales of late. However, at the event Sony showcased its first Android-based smartphone, Xperia S.

The new smartphone was not only a source of attraction because it was the first major launch from the company after a long time but it also sported a slick and simple design.

First off, the Xperia S should not be confused with last year’s launch of Xperia Arc S, which lacked the mobile operating system from Google. However, the design was quite a resemblance to its sibling.

Secondly, it is not the first smartphone from Sony. The P-series PDA-cum-cell phone, under the head of Sony Ericsson, were one of the first smartphones in the market back in early 2000s.

This new handheld however, eliminated the name Ericsson in the software as Ericsson’s shares in the joint venture were purchased by Sony in November. The new line of Xperia is solely credited to the Japanese technology company. However, the Xperia S is the last of the handsets from the company to incorporate the name Sony Ericsson or its logo on the casing.

Xperia’s new design is an upgrade in smartphones. The company claims that Xperia S is first in the line of cell phones that the company will be manufacturing on the concept of Iconic Identity. The claim surely seemed to work when the phone was closely inspected at the event.

A simple chassis covered by a strong and solid built material that lacks the disappointing plasticy feel which is observed on other smartphones.  The phone gives the look of a simple small slab that is very rare to see in the market filled with weirdly tweaked casings.