However, the a person like me, an iPhone size screen is sufficient. 3.7 inches do not hurt me anyway. But the current market has only a few option and most of them have sacrificed specifications. These devices make do with mostly single-core processors and low-resolution cameras. Many other features are also missing in the equation.

I am not saying that iPhone family is not capable of competing with bigger smartphones, its Retina Display alone gives all other players in the market, a run for their money. But iPhone alone cannot be many options. People need to see a variety in the market. Many don’t even like iOS, they need Android and Ice Cream Sandwich, while you are on that. I personally like Windows Phone’s light and simple interface. But all this comes with expense of bigger screens that up the cost and make the device larger.

Only a few options are left other than iPhone. Nokia release Lumia 800 and 710, that have 3.7-inch screens but 710 being a low-end device from Nokia has some features missing in the picture. On the other hand, Lumia 800 has a price, one might need to sell his kidney for as there is only unblocked model available in the market, and no network subsidizes its cost. But at 3.7 inches, the 800 is slightly bigger than the 3.5 inches of an iPhone. And it seems to be a great size for folks who don’t want the oversized screen.

But there is hope, as Nokia’s Jo Harlow said to the press at the Mobile World Congress 2012, “I think in the future you’ll see displays on phones continue to get bigger,” she said. “But the footprint of the device itself won’t get larger. We’re already seeing this happen in TVs, where the border or frame of the TV goes away so that more space is used for the actual display screen.”