However, this comes at an extra price of $40, the new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is available to the customers for $139.

In addition to features like e-reader, the tablet sports a web browser for emailing and simple web browsing. It also has a music player to listen to custom playlists.

Amazon Kindle Touch

This e-ink reader from the biggest online book vendors in the world boasts a touch screen for easy navigating through menus and turning pages of e-books. The main purpose of the device, is book reading but it also can be used to browse the web with Amazon’s built-in browser. It also connects seamlessly to Amazon’s ecosystem for easy access to huge pool of music and books.

The device is available for $99 but its major selling point is Amazon’s online store. Another luring feature of the device is the Prime membership that lets the users download free movies and music, and borrow unlimited number of books.

The downside is that the Kindle Touch is still without a front-lit screen, therefore, the device is unable display content in the dark. However, there are outside sources of light available in the market in the shape of covers and clamped lamps.

Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch

The predecessor to the new namesake device with GlowLight is still selling like hot cakes in the market. The device boasts a touch sensitive sharp e-ink paper-like display on a 7-inch screen. The outer shell is well textured to increase its grip while reading.

Akin to the Simple Touch with GlowLight, it comes pre-installed with a web browser for swift internet surfing and a music player. The device can be connected to the internet via WiFi.

The Simple Touch is available for a mere $99, however, a deep research might offer you cheaper alternatives in the market.