At last, it has an AMD A-series processor that is no Intel but get the user through the day’s work easily. But it might not be as power efficient as Core i-series processors.

Dell XPS One 2710

The all-in-one desktops are a product of sheer electronic engineering, compacting all the CPU gadgetry at the back of the monitor. Dell’s XPS is one of the best in this category, bringing the best quality display and processor for low price.

The XPS One is one ideal electronic adornment for a dorm, or a hotel room. There can be a number of different alternatives but the price brings all down. For $1599, a sharp 2,560×1,440-pixel display on a 27-inch screen is the best choice for a student.

The latest Core i-series Ivy Bridge processors are great of multi-tasking. The computer is overall a complete machine for students to do their own in-house work, blogging, software development and app development.

Acer Aspiron 14z

For $899, you get the slimmest ultrabook in the market. The shape does not disappoint at all. It is the best slab-like shape to come in years. The keyboard still manages to follow the island-like structure and is also back lit.

The elegant shape does not give a single hint that the laptop is less a thousand bucks. In fact, some of its parts are quite premium for its price tag and for the category, in that regard.