International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has confirmed killing a Taliban leader namely Mullah Dadullah in the eastern Kunar province.

A statement issued by the allied forces said, “The Taliban leader Dadullah was one of several insurgents killed in a precision airstrike in Shigal district, Kunar province, yesterday”.

Dadullah, who was also known as Jamal, was responsible for the movement of fighters and weapons, as well as attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, it added.

It is vital to mention here that after the strike, the Afghan and coalition security force conducted a post-strike assessment and determined no civilians had been injured and no civilian property had been damaged in the first ever drone strike in Kunar.

Earlier police chief of Kunar province Awaz Mohammad Nazari said that air strike carried out by ISAF’s unmanned plane in Shalton village of Shigal district on Friday evening left dead 12 Pakistani Taliban militants including their commander Mullah Dadullah.

A media report quoting Pakistani intelligence officials said Dadullah and 19 others were killed, but they said the airstrike took place in Pakistan’s Bajur region, just across the border from Kunar.

In the meantime, Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan while talking to a Pakistani TV channel confirmed that Amir of the Taliban in Bajaur, Maulvi Dadullah had been killed in the NATO strike.

According to the report, Dadullah took over charge after Bajur’s former Taliban leader, Maulvi Faqir Mohammed, fled to Afghanistan to avoid Pakistani military operations.

He had reportedly claimed responsibility for last year’s kidnapping of 30 children who had mistakenly crossed the Pak-Afghan border and also on many attacks against security forces and government installations.

Ahsanullah Ahsan while talking to channel said that Maulvi Abu Bakr had been appointed the caretaker Amir of the TTP.

He further said that the Taliban had plans to attack high profile targets in the country but refused to give further details on the pretext of security concerns.

It added that Dadullah’s deputy, identified only as Shakir, was also killed in the strike.