Apple rules the corporate world and it happened in a chain reaction – Part 1

Saturday, January 21st, 2012 10:54:20 by

Apple has always come forward with the best products in the world. The main and intriguing aspect of its devices is the ease-of-use and interactive interface. However, that is not the only part. The security in the Unix-based operating systems, Mac OS X and iOS, is phenomenal. Therefore, the consumer targeted Apple products have gained more attention than the company might have contemplated.

The growing sales of the Apple products have spawned three factors that have broadened the span of its utilities. The ease-of-use has spurred high sales of Apple products in the masses. That leads to an Apple trend in the market, from Macbook to iMac to iPhone and iPad. This leads to the final factor of literacy. More and more professionals these days are becoming Mac literate instead of PCs and given the fact that Mac environment is securer than Windows, the enterprise sector is slipping to the more attractive option.

Apple itself did not predict this mass uptake of its products and technology in the Enterprise (Consumerization) but it’s happening without Apple’s permission or foresight. Apple’s products are without question, consumer-oriented. But, they’re so good and people love them so much that the impact to the Enterprise can’t be ignored. The Appleization of the Enterprise, and businesses of all sizes, is the current trend and companies need to face this trend with open eyes and good tools. Open eyes and good tools don’t imply a new type of business dysfunction, on the contrary, they imply a new way to accept the phenomena without the associated risks.

Perhaps the most compelling argument against bringing your own device (BYOD) is the security risks associated with allowing rogue devices onto your network. There is a risk of allowing any device to have access to your network resources regardless of origin. In other words, corporate-owned devices are no more or less secure than individually-owned ones. That is one of the great myths of the whole consumerization trend.

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