Will the new Surface tablets be able to spur the market with Windows 8 or is it doomed to failure? – Part 1

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Microsoft might have launched the new Surface line of tablets in comparatively secretive manner but the post-launch is making all kinds of cheers and jeers. The rumble comes from all sides, Microsoft’s hardware partners like Acer, experts from every corner of the world and above all the media.

Last week Acer VP and President in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Oliver Arhens, made a statement showing sheer rage over the surprise launch of the tablets. Arhens slated the upcoming tablets as utter failure. According to the VP, towing the “Apple” line to manufacture and market tablets is impossible for a company that is a cog in PC-making machine, “an important component but a component.”

There are others who have expressed anguish and surprise over the launch of the new tablets. However, there are those who have delivered hope to Microsoft. For instance, Acer co-founder Stan Shih actually backed Microsoft’s new strategy to amalgamate both hardware and software under the same roof.

According to Shih, what Microsoft has in the bag is  the trick to spur the tablet market in favour of the upcoming Windows 8. This might be a prototype for the hardware partners to build new Windows tablets on the same lines.

However, one thing has to be taken into account. Surface is not the first tablet to arrive to the consumer market. There have been a number of Windows-powered tablets and hybrids before the launch of the original iPad.

There is swaying reason for the mention of iPad in the context. Windows tablets had more concentration in the pre-iPad era. In the post-2010 period, the attention consolidated on slate-like tablets. The likes of Research In Motion (RIM), Acer, Asus, Samsung and HTC released their signature tablets, but to no or little avail.

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