Google’s new 7-inch tablet, Nexus 7: Hands-on Review – Part 4

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The new Android also includes a voice-recognition application, name unknown. The new software lies somewhere in-between Siri and S-Voice from Samsung. The quality of recognizing the voice is less than stellar but improvement on the S-Voice. The software returns the command results faster than the Siri does on iPhone 4S.


It is hard to discern the best from the better in the tablet market albeit the new iPad that is a winner with a lot of features. However, the new Nexus leaves every one behind in race solely due to the perfect marriage of high-end hardware components and the price. It is not an iPad-breaker but it surely will give the tablet a run for its money.

The new iPad boasts a 10- to 12-hour of battery life. Google, on the other hand, announced at the event that Nexus will surely get through a 7-hour milestone with a full-HD video playback. That is quite an achievement on an Android tablet’s part.

Virtual keyboards have always been tablets’ Achilles’ Heel but Google has improved the keyboard in the new Android 4.1. It is well spaced on the 7-inch screen in both landscape and portrait modes. To everyone’s surprise it forces lesser typo error while typing. Though this does not ward off the necessity of a physical keyboard but makes do very impressively.

The NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor comes with all its goodies. The frames-per-second rate in both games and movies is quite impressive. It also brings the Tegra 3-exclusive on-screen splash effect in Rapitide GP.

The menus navigation is clocked at 60 fps, which is still impressive feat for a 7 incher.

Final Take

The 7-inch tablet market is quite small compared to the full-on 10.1- or 9.6-inch; Kindle Fire sales dropped substantially in the last one quarter. However, specifications in the new Nexus, couple with the price is a steal that anyone will want to commit.

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