PTI will resolve Kashmir issue after coming into power: Imran Khan

Friday, November 16th, 2012 1:10:28 by

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that the first foreign policy issue the PTI-led government will solve is the Kashmir problem, said.


Speaking to a gathering in Mirpur, Imran said his government will solve the problem through dialogue as military solutions have failed in the past. “Both the countries [Pakistan and India] have been spending their wealth on weapons instead of investing in their people,” Imran said.


Speaking about the problems faced by Kashmiri people, Imran said the solution to the region’s problems should come from the people living here.


Referring to his discussion with former foreign ministers who are now a part of his party, Imran said he was told that the Kashmir issue was discussed in detail and the two countries were close to solving it.


However, he said, the current government has put the issue on the back burner. The PTI chairman also applauded the people of Kashmir who are now living abroad but are still fighting for the cause.

Blaming the absence of rule of law for all the wrongs, Imran said Pakistan has a different law for the rich and a different law for the poor. “The big robbers are granted with NRO and the poor are jailed,” he said. Imran said the problem with Karachi is also linked to the weak law in the country.


Reiterating his stance on the war fought in Pakistan’s tribal areas, Imran said he will take Pakistan out of this foreign war as it is the only solution to maintain order in the country.


“The tribal fighters have waged a war against our army because they see our soldiers as fighting for the US,” he said, adding that once Pakistan Army pulls out, the tribal people will fight the militants themselves and win the war against terrorism.

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