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A intuitive writer observing the world around him from all possible angles "A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit." – Richard Bach

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Pakistani HTC Users Wait Eagerly for Jelly Bean Update

The Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense update was an amazing one and greatly improved the performance of many aspects of HTC phones, especially their high-end One series sets, but now, it seems like Pakistani users will just have to show patience yet again as there is not set date for the Jelly Bean update […]

Why Mirza Aslam Beg Should Be Made an Example out of

Politicians have come and gone, ousted and exiled, punished and threatened and even killed and hanged, but for the first time in history, Pakistan is close to seeing, for the very first time in its short history as an independent country, that an army general will be held accountable for his crimes against this nation. […]

Chief Justice and Army Chief should be the ones Keeping out of Other Domains

Pakistan is probably the only place now where the Chief Justice and Army Chief make political statements whenever they deem it necessary to, which is exactly the reason why we have been forced to be living with a weakening system of government ever since independence.   Had the Army Chief been of the United States, […]

Apple sells 3 million iPad mini in three days

Apple sales of the WI-FI only models, 7-9 inch iPad mini and fourth generation 9.7 inch version are double of what the first week sales of Wi-FI iPad were in March, an Apple official stated on Monday. The newly launched crucial iPad mini, which is a smaller version of the original tablet has been designed […]

The Walking Dead EP 4 Will Make You Want to Cry Your Heart Out!

It has been all action throughout The Walking Dead series but episode 4 ‘Killer Within’ has definitely got to be the most emotional one of all as those who have not watched it yet should gear up to cry their hearts out by the time it comes to an end.   The prison seemed to […]

Why Lord Nazir Ahmad should be Removed Immediately

Lord Nazir Ahmad, sitting at one of the highest positions of British politics has continuously ridiculed, not only his own image, but also that of Pakistanis and the UK as well and it is surprising to see how he has not either resigned or removed as of yet.   Offering a £10 million bounty on […]

PPP-Asma Jahangir backed Mian Israr-ul-Haq elected as Supreme Court Bar Association President

The Pakistan People’s Party lawyers and Asma Jahangir have done it again as the group secured their third straight victory with Mian Israr-ul-Haq being elected as President of the Supreme Court Bar Association on November 1, 2012.   Polling took place throughout the country as candidates did their best to woo around 2,500 voters of […]

PPP wins as Supreme Court announces Verdict in Asghar Khan Case

Friday was definitely a historic day for Pakistan as for the first time, the Supreme Court held accountable not only politicians, but also retired chiefs of the armed forces and intelligence agencies for their involvement in political activities around the country.   The Supreme Court announced the verdict of the high profiled Asghar Khan case, […]

Chief Justice of Pakistan turns a Blind Eye towards curious case of Shahbaz Sharif’s Daughter and the Bakery

While the staff member of a local bakery in Lahore may have survived being killed by the “Encounter Specialist” of Punjab before the video evidence of his thrashing was made public by the media, this whole series of events does lead towards people asking a number of questions on what happened and how it was […]

When Piracy Becomes Legal

Closing down one of the biggest torrent websites, The Pirate Bay, did not seem to have any major effect on how the world downloads pirated material off the internet, but instead of taking into consideration the real reason why people opt for free stuff is the reason why these methods fail to work.   In […]

Malala Yousafzai unites Pakistan against Terror and Evil

The 14-year-old that has become a symbol of hope for the nation Pakistan has successfully managed to do what no one else could achieve at such a young age as the bold and extremely intelligent girl united the country against all forms of terrorism and evil prevailing in society.   Pakistan is going through one […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: Genuine Performance for those who can Afford it

When dealing with Samsung’s range of mobile phones, there are just so many different models to choose from that it gets confusing at times with all the different numbers and names. From the pioneer touch sets like Corby to the all new Galaxy series, Samsung has definitely worked like no other in terms of innovation […]

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