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Apple television not close to a release, iPad Mini expected to launch in calendar 2012 4th quarter

Steve Jobs was quoted in his Walter Isaacson-biography, Steve Jobs, saying that he has cracked the code for televisions. However, it seems quite unlikely that the television, rumoured as iTV, will be out this Fall, almost a year after his death. Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, recently had a […]

Apple television rams up on charts, anticipation soars as the release time near

Apple is going for the alleged television next year. The appliance might be in the making currently but it will be put on sale in 2013, summers or fall, whichever is suitable to them. As the expectations spike up on the release of the new television, maybe called Apple TV or iTV, many companies have […]

Apple Rumours: What Apple has in the bag, full-on television or revamped set-top box? – Part 1

Now that Facebook IPO fiasco is over let’s get back to the real business that goes on for 360 days a year, talking about what Apple might launch next. The  five days left are the actual days when Apple stuns the audience with something new and out of the box. The rumours trending of late […]

Apple Rumours: What Apple has in the bag, full-on television or revamped set-top box? – Part 2

White believes that the new iTV or any other variant will be a revamp of the Apple TV, which is a online media streaming set-top box.  The CEO spoke to a web blogging company this week. In the interview, White stated his speculation on the new Apple television. “Typically with technology, it smashes the cost […]

Cowell blasted for offering secret auditions on X Factor

The X Factor producer and judge faces heavy criticism after he sent an invite to 20 top acts to fast track auditions. It was reported that the TV mogul had offered some of his favoured acts to a secret audition so that they could bypass the original auditions. Cowell’s aim was to give some of […]

Simon Cowell: ‘The Voice’ is similar to ‘X Factor’

The TV Mogul claimed that BBC’s show ‘The Voice’ is a rip-off of his show ‘The X Factor’. He insisted that there is nothing new about the show and is confident that ‘The X Factor’ will definitely be leading the ratings once it starts later this year. Cowell insisted that ‘The Voice’ has a lot […]

Gary Barlow delighted with X Factor UK return

The ‘Take That’ singer has voiced his pleasure on the return to the show for the next season after reports claimed that he will not be a part of Britain’s most watched singing competition. There were rumours stating that Simon Cowell is not impressed with Barlow’s impact in his maiden outing and wanted him to […]

Jessica Hammond: ‘The Voice’ is better than ‘X Factor’

British singer Jessica Hammond has claimed that BBC’s ‘The Voice’ is much better than ITV’s reality show ‘X Factor’. The singer, who first auditioned for the latter but could not go through, has qualified for the next round in ‘The Voice’. She will be mentored by Jessie J in the next round after the contestant […]

Some of the new products from Apple, Inc. expected in 2012

The year ends with a flurry of rumours about Apple and its series of new products in the new year, 2012. However, company keeps the stance of remaining oblivious of such rumours. The most anticipated new products are next generation models of iPad and iPhone. Aside from the two mobile computing devices, the iPod Nano […]

Apple to introduce itelevision!

Apple which was run by modern day genius Steve Jobs, is predicted to bring its iconic brand to the TV market by 2012 in a move that would revolutionise the home entertainment industry, according to Gene Munster, an analyst at investment bank Piper Jaffray. The launch of a TV that would play films and television […]


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