What Apple has done here is doubled the pixel number in height and width—2,048×1,536 from 1,024×768—quadrupling its pixel density on the screen real estate, 3.1 million, if you want to crunch some numbers. Hence, the Retina Display. Prior to iPad, only iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch 3rd generation were bestowed with the mesmerizing technology.

On paper, the Retina Display has been demanded since last year, but as it had been discussed so far, the demand had lost its oomph. However, when the real thing popped up in front of you, all that hype created about it has come back, but not to haunt you this time but to facilitate you, I am being modest.

No other screen in your home can compete with this resolution–not your laptop, not your desktop computer, not even your 1080p TV. For a device that fits in your lap and costs as little as $499, a screen like this is an impressive feat.

Apple has made everything look old school with this new device, even the HDTV that you purchased last month. However, if you want to continue to feel that same miserable sentiment than continue to unravel the new purchase in the living room or go out in the backyard, because you might not help yourself in using the new device.

The screen is in the front, but don’t get fooled that backside of the device is any less competitive. At the rear-end of the slate, Apple has nestled the 5-megapixel snapper. Now, that might be old school for smartphones, and some tablets, but do not get carried away with the notion. Exploring the camera will let you know the difference that iPad has from the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer Prime.