Smartphones from 2011 and 2012 with killer displays – Part 3

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The best thing about the screen is that at 4.5 inches the screen is neither too small like 4.3- or 3.7-inch displays, nor too big like 4.7-, 5.0- or 5.3-inch screens. Its structure lets the phone fit perfectly in the pocket and the size of its screen makes it a handy phone as well.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung was the first smartphone manufacturer to introduce Android’s latest operating system version, the Ice Cream Sandwich. However, the phone was not just an ice breaker on the ICS but it brought a number of technological advancements to the horizon.

The touch screen was the most attractive part of the phone when it was released in November, 2011. It is probably the first phone, if my memory helps me, to have no touch or capacitive buttons on front side. That is the beauty of the screen and the operating system that the mandatory buttons, home, back/return and menu are a part of the screen, though they remain there for most of the time.

Moreover, the Gorilla Glass that Samsung has glued on the screen is one state-of-the-art innovation because it makes the screen curved in an extremely exotic way and that is propagated by the beautiful colour schematics of the ICS.

With a 1,280×720-pixel Super AMOLED resolution, the HD display is wonderfully bright and vivid with eye-popping colors. Everything looks great, from graphics to photos to menu icons, and you can customize the five home screens with the Google Search bar, menu icons, and widgets. ICS brings new folders and new widgets, but we’ll get to those later. The main menu shows the traditional icons, and internal menus have the familiar list structure. This is a clean, elegant design that especially shines in the texting and e-mail apps, where it’s dead simple to append an attachment, audio, video, and photos. Bravo, Google.

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