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Treyarch and Infinity Ward both working on Call of Duty Elite

Activision has explained both developers are working on the next edition of Elite and have worked on the current version as well, though not necessarily in ‘harmony’. The Call of Duty series is a unique franchise. Unique in the sense that the games are split into two series, one developed by Infinity Ward and the […]

Misbah-ul-Haq responds to ‘haters’ via Twitter – Part 2: Tweets

After taking a look at a number of events that have given the Pakistani skipper the reputation he has earned for himself, it is now time to take a look at his Tweets. This is a continuation of the first article. Pakistan’s whitewash of England in the Test Series was a historic moment in the […]

Misbah-ul-Haq responds to ‘haters’ via Twitter – Part 1: background

Pakistan’s cricket team captain has taken to social networking to hit back at his critics following a fine display against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup. Misbah-ul-Haq shares a love hate relationship with the fans of Pakistan cricket. His assured and steady performances form the backbone of the team’s innings and are a vital asset […]

Fijji’s Grill Islamabad – Is there substance beneath the style? – Part 2

With the first impression, ambience, atmosphere and entertaining menu cards out of the way, it is now time to take a look at what really counts: the food. To be honest, we were more than impressed by how our Fijji’s Grill experience was going but the real test was yet to come. The Cajun Steak […]

Fijji’s Grill Islamabad – Is there substance beneath the style?

We take a dive into all that the restaurant that claims to have ‘the best steaks in town’ has to offer, but did our trip leave us impressed or disappointed? Many people will have seen billboards and advertisements of a restaurant that claims it has ‘the best steaks in town’. Being an avid steak enthusiast, […]

Salt’n’Pepper Islamabad: has the franchise been spread too thin?

Islamabad is fast becoming the culinary capital of the country but with so much competition Salt’n’Pepper needs to stand out, but does it? Anyone who has been to Peshawar will know of Namak Mandi and Chief Burger as the places to eat, whereas in Karachi and Lahore have more eateries than one can count though […]

Lunch time Buffet at Chinatown: is it worth it?

Does the All-you-can-eat buffet at Chinatown in F8 leave one satisfied by the end of the meal, or is it just an extravagant waste of one’s hard earned money? Islamabad is a city that is blessed with offering plenty of choice went it comes to restaurants and eateries. From shawarmas at Khokas that will make […]

3 Games that make a gamer – Part 1: Half-Life

In the first part of the series we take a look at a game where the player’s actions speak louder than his words, literally, because the in-game character does not speak. There are certain games that come along every so often and redefine their genre. Then, there are other games that come along and define […]

Bahria University to host a football extravaganza soon

Rumours are rife that the university is planning to wow the city of Islamabad with a feast of football in the coming months. Bahria University is one of the premier educational institutions in the nation’s capital, though on the sports event management stage it has not been as prominent as EME and other universities. In […]

Top 3 most underrated games everyone must play – Part 3

After taking a look at both Vanquish and Demon’s Souls it is now time to turn our attention to another game that has flown under everyone’s radar. Vanquish is a game that will result in an excessively itchy trigger finger and Demon’s Souls will cause a fair number of controllers to be flung across the […]

The changing of the seasons and the dangers that come with it

With winter giving way to a short spring and long summer, it is important that everyone take a few precautions so as not to fall ill in what peak ‘picnic’ season. The chilly nights of winter may still be hanging in there, giving us a few more days of tucking ourselves in warm blankets at […]

Top 3 most underrated games everyone must play – Part 2

After taking a look at the PlayStation 3 exclusive gem of a title, Demon’s Souls, it is now time to move on to a multiplatform title. Demon’s Souls may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it leaves the gamer to fend for and learn everything; he needs to in order to survive, by himself. […]

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