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Rise in Ethnic Violence in Uighur, China


You may see them in many Chinese cities outside Xinjiang leading restaurants offering delicious kebabs, fried rice dishes with carrot and lamb stews or with loaves of bread. Tricycles or selling a sweet pulp and very similar to almond nougat. Happy music playing in bars and nightclubs. They are the face of the Uighur migration […]

Ineffectiveness of Institutions Has Given Way to Corruption

corruption in pakistan

The role of institutions in the economy is much more important than you think. Believe that markets are autonomous entities that move in the middle of an immense social and institutional vacuum, and always tend to efficiency barring interference by political authorities, is like believing that the low level of employment Spanish economy is due […]

Why Uruguay is a football powerhouse?


The year of the World Cup is also being the year of the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the Liverpool striker, top scorer in Europe, who along with his compatriot Edinson Cavani striker Paris Saint- Germain, is part of the global elite players. Two Uruguayans left no spontaneous generation but come from a small nation of 3.3 […]

Boredom exist and i got proof

proof of boredom

Someone once said there are three things that (despite the attention devoted to them) do not actually exist: jet lag, true love and boredom. Not having ever suffered any of the first two, I disagree however on the third item. Far absence, boredom seems the main engine of our society and the most important selling […]

Journey of life to Khana Kaba in Makkah Saudi Arabia

Khana kaba journey

Right before me was khana kaba Makkah and what i felt and went through can’t be explained. I met wise ones, the orphans and people from all walks of life – talking to each made me realize something different. I’ll try my best to sum it up.  Life without hope and plan is a long […]

Revolutionary fashion, factories are in Asia but the world is the playground

fashion factory sank in Bangladesh

It is not difficult for everyone to be aware of the shift of power that has occurred in the world. It costs Obama, who in 2012 declared the Asian pivot as its foreign policy priority and until this week it will not spend a whole lot of time to cultivate relationships with their partners in […]

Challenges of education in Pakistan

Education plays a vital role in human capital formation. It raises the productivity and efficiency of individuals and thus produces skilled manpower that is capable of leading the economy towards the path of sustainable economic development.The situation in Pakistan, like many other developing countries, is not very encouraging. The low enrolment rates at the primary […]

9/11 attacks bring war to Pakistan that killed thousands

The 9/11 attacks that resulted into the so-called U.S.-led war on terror have brought miseries and huge economic losses to Pakistan. Bomb attacks have killed thousands, mostly civilians, across Pakistan since Pakistan has become part of the US coalition. Casualties in Pakistan are more than the U.S. and any other country. The sacrifices of Pakistanis […]

TTP deeply divided over dialogue with gov’t

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is deeply divided over the issue of talks with the PML-N government as the group’s leaders have come up with contradictory statements last over the past few days. The government is also in a mess over the Taliban talks issue as Information Minister, Pervez Rashid says talks have started with the Taliban […]

US drones to haunt Pakistan as leaders fail to adopt strong approach

American drones will haunt Pakistan as the new leadership has also failed to come up with a strong approach in recent talks with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry. The Foreign Ministry issues routine statements to condemn the American attacks in the tribal regions and some time summon the US envoy to lodge a […]

Nawaz Sharif faces big challenges in his third rule

Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, in his maiden speech to the parliament on Thursday, listed some major challenges his new government faces and pledged to find out solution.   Sharif particularly listed terrorism, lawlessness, power shortage, economic recession, rampant corruption, bad image of the country, unemployment and price hike as the daunting challenges.   The govt […]

Track Two Diplomacy: A Key to Rid Pak-Russia Relationship of Darkening Shadows of the Past

This is a fact only a few would deny that the world we are thriving in is swiftly transforming itself into a multi-polar entity where it has become almost impossible for any nation or country of the world to survive let alone progress while remaining cloistered in bitter and often prejudiced or at least erroneous […]


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