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Juncker, most hated leader across the Channel?


The contradictions are usually interesting, and that’s true in Europe for 1200 years: Charlemagne could not read, but created in Aachen the largest library of its time. The most famous of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker phrase is “politicians know what to do; we do not know is how to get back to winning elections if we […]

Qadri’s Revolution for liberal state or disruption?

Dr. Qadri revolution with shujahat and rashid

Dr. Tahirul Qadri of Pakistan Awami Tehreek is in Pakistan on a mission to bring a revolution to change the corrupt system. He agreed to disembark his diverted flight from Dubai on condition of provision of bullet proof vehicle and allowing him to travel in security of his own guards. Dr. Qadri has said on […]

Obama trapped in the world of George Bush


Republican George W. Bush left the White House in January 2009 as one of the worst presidents in recent decades. The failure of the invasion of Iraq, violations of human rights in the so-called war against terrorism, repeated examples of mismanagement as the response to Hurricane Katrina and the financial crisis defined his legacy. Democrat […]

Pakistani Taliban Warn Residents to Leave Waziristan

There is No Honour in Killing

There is no Honour in Killing

Men have become Tools of their tools


The writer Henry David Thoreau, unhappy with the violent changes that progressed in the mid- nineteenth century began to produce at home, went to live alone in the woods, in a cabin he built himself, to think of a personal strategy to keep him safe from that progress, which since then moved wildly and loomed […]

Think Long -Term

Think Long Term

A trigger of the last economic crisis was the frenzy over the short- term. As if it is end of the world,  companies are seeking investment funds with high profits in record time, and families nose diving into debt to make estate purchases sooner and travel. Consumers do not want to wait to buy what […]

Germany’s selective immigration Policy

Germany immigration policy

Germany not only exerts economic locomotive of Europe, but has become the second magnet for talent in the world after the United States. After years of dispute in which large segments of opinion regarded immigration as a problem for the welfare state and a threat to national identity, the discourse changed substantially since 2004. It […]

Three Myths about Poverty

three myths about poverty

To think that nothing can be done against poverty is the most convenient approach to do nothing. Moreover, it is false. It attempts to demonstrate the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates, who earlier this year at its annual open letter, claimed three myths that block the fight against global inequality. The campaign #stopthemyth, through detailed […]

Moscow Considering China as Economical Choice Against West


Russian President Vladimir Putin visit to China, apart from bilateral political and economic content, has a high international symbolic, given the deterioration in relations between Moscow and the West motivated by deep disagreements over Ukraine. The policy of Brussels, after the crisis in Ukraine, to reduce energy dependence on Russia has made this country rush […]

Death of a dynasty, a leader is born

modi india

Narendra Modi ‘s victory is a radical change in the Indian political history, historically dominated by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty he founded. Face it has emerged the charismatic figure of Narendra Modi, the nationalist party BJP, supported by the brilliant management of the State of Gujarat, the only shadow of anti-Muslim riots of 2002, whose […]

Putin Returns to Nationalist Rhetoric of Cold War


Russia’s reaction to the last batch of United States (U.S.) and European sanctions was predictable: an intensification of the rhetoric of the Cold War that has enveloped the entire Ukrainian crisis. A new Cold War will not contribute to the peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine, which Russia has to participate. It is likely […]


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