Windows 8-based PCs and tablet will not be inexpensive – Tech Experts reveal

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Microsoft is betting all of its money on the new operating system it plans to release in the second half of 2012. The new Windows 8 has been hyped as multi-dimensional with more gismos, boosting efficiency. There is one pun in the whole premise though, will it be cost effective.

Over the last several months, many experts are of the opinion that new post-PC era, as Microsoft calls it, will be anything but inexpensive. Those concerns add to an already tough position, notebook manufacturers find themselves in, with Intel-based Ultrabooks, which have been slow to fall in price for many models. Margins are already razor-thin, as Intel reportedly keeps processor prices high, and may only shrink as the cost of Windows 8 is factored in.

Android-based tablets are known for their inexpensive pricing because of the open-ended nature of operating system, whereas, these tablets come with inexpensive processors from the likes of NVIDIA and Qualcomm. Windows 8-tablets are touted to come equipped with Intel processors, which are on the expensive side of the equation.

Laptops and desktops are in the same frizzle. PC manufacturers have stated it over and again that incorporating Win8’s touch-screen capabilities into laptops and all-in-one desktops will not be cost effective, let alone ultrabooks. The extras in these devices will cost money and with touch-screens, the Win8 loses oomph in use.

PC-manufacturers are already concerned about the cost factor of ultrabooks, a concept getting fame by the day. Win8-based ultrabooks will not help the cause because of the expected extras of touch-screens.

As a result, these companies think the process of adapting the operating system and the gadgets based on it might by slow. The cost will be a major factor in it. However, Microsoft is expected to initiate a subsidy on the early adoption of the OS to spur the sales streak. Only time will tell whether Microsoft comes up with this plan or better yet the Win8 license is a little cheap.

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