Sherry Rehman insists United States for an appropriate apology

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 11:43:48 by

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman has sought great appreciation of the Pakistani perspective on the fight against terrorism, calling on American administration for an appropriate apology over the Salala check-post incident.

The Pakistani envoy while addressing a conference urged the US to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and an end to attacks by unmanned planes.

She was of the opinion that the two countries were in a critical phase of negotiating new terms of engagement and bridging the gap between the two countries.

In her view, once the two states surmount current challenges in the relationships, they have a lot to gain from mutuality productive and respectful ties.

She noted, “These (ground lines of communication) were closed following the Salala incident and remain closed pending a US apology. The debate on the matter has been wrongly cast as a price haggle or price gouging in the US media. This is not the case”.

Rehman further stated that they want their American friends to respect their sovereignty and territorial integrity. It indicates that no drone attacks and attack into Pakistani soil.

The Pakistani envoy further said that an appropriate apology for the Salala incident of November 26, 2011 in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a US air strike is also required.

She continued she was not highlighting Pakistan’s sacrifices as part of the some victim narrative but reminding the world of the key contributions her country has made in fighting against terror over the last one decade.

Sherry Rehman remarked, “We have helped to arrest or neutralize nearly 250 al Qaeda members, provided the US free use of our highways to transport supplies to Afghanistan. We have lost more than 37,000 Pakistanis to terrorism. Over five thousand security and law enforcement personnel have laid down their lives fighting terrorism”.

The Pakistani envoy was of the view they could narrow their differences and move expeditiously forward. She said they were trying to do so and they urge their friends on the US side to make a similar commitment.

She reaffirmed Islamabad’s commitment to a stable and peaceful Afghanistan, saying it is in the interests of everyone that Pakistan’s western neighbor is secure and stable. Pakistan has no desire to treat Afghanistan as its strategic backyard, she remarked.

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  1. Haroon Gul

    Yeah right! so after bedding you all the time,you ask for apologies…a prositute for hire

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