Intel’s Ivy Bridge shores up after a long wait of six months – Part 1

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Intel Corporation released the latest line of new Ivy Bridge processors on Monday, April 23. The word Ivy Bridge has been tossed around for about six months or more in the technology industry and the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Samsung, even including Apple, have been waiting for the release of the new line of processors.

These companies plan to incorporate them into their new line of laptops, desktops and more importantly the nascent type of laptops called the ultrabooks. The ultrabooks are likely to get the most attention from these processors as they thrive on the dimensions. Every iota of an inch that is shaved off the ultrabooks is worth the money.

Moreover, the new processors are energy efficient, at least on paper and notebooks, including ultrabooks thrive on the energy coefficient in the equation. The new processors incorporate smaller silicon transistors and more of them in the same size, or the same number of transistors on a smaller footprint, eventually effecting the size of the chipset and the final product.

Make no mistake about the name of the final products; all the processors, dual-core and quad-core versions, retain the same monikers, Core i3, i5, i7. Only the built number that started with 2 in the last line of processors will start with the digit three, commemorating the third generation of processors in the Core technology by Intel.

The name Ivy Bridge will not be a part of the processor as it is just the code name used by the company in the pre-production and the prototyping of the chips. The new processors have 22 nanometre processors on the processor’s real estate. The preceding technology sported 32 nanometre transistors that occupied more space and for less number.

The basic logic behind such technology is that the smaller the chip geometries, the faster and/or more power efficient the silicon is.

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